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About Us

Arts Libs was created out of a love for art. We started out with a goal to feature artists from all over the world who deserved the exposure (the silliness came later). Originally Art Libs was called Absinthe Nouveau, which is significantly more hoity toity than Art Libs, but ya know. We only asked serious questions to the artists and they only gave serious answers and provided us with beautiful art to feature.

Not long after Absinthe Nouveau started, we realized that there are a whole buttload of art blogs and web sites out there with the exact same goal as us and we really didn't stand out that much more. SO we sat down and put our heads together to come up with something that would make us unique. Of course it wasn't as easy as that, but randomly the idea of mad libs for the artists' biographies came to mind. At first we weren't sure exactly how we would do this or how artists would receive this silly idea, but so far it's been embraced and enjoyed by all.

I'm gonna take this time to quickly to briefly explain to what a mad lib (or ART LIB!) is. Basically there are a bunch of paragraphs that we have specifically created for this web site. We have taken words out of them so that someone can fill in what's missing. The person who is filling in the paragraph doesn't know what the paragraph says... they are only given information regarding what word to choose. For example, the original paragraph might be:

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.

Art libs would take that paragraph and take some words so that the paragraph might be something like this (only the person filling out the words doesn't know)

The 1)______ brown 2)________ 3)__________ over the lazy 4)_________.

Then there would be a list of things for the artist to fill in that looks something like this:

1) an adjective
2) a noun
3) a verb
4) an animal

The person being featured would then fill out the info as follows (well not quite as follows, it's obviously all random and differs from person to person):

1) magic
2) cake
3) juggled
4) monkey

Then the paragraph would be transformed to this:

The magic brown cake juggled over the lazy monkey.

Taaaaaa da! That is how an art lib (or mad lib!) is created!

Many people still leave comments on the features asking if the biographies are true and they are absolutely NOT (well they MIGHT be by some fluke, but they are not meant to be!). If you want to learn more about mad libs and where our awesome site idea originated from, you can check out more info here.