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Friday, September 24, 2010

Signature: Patterns in Gond Art

This is our last day for Tara Books week and the last book I will be talking about is the beautiful Signature: Patterns in Gond Art, which is just stunning. There are way too many artists to list that were involved with this book, but it was edited and put together by Gita Wolf, Bhajju Shyam and Jonathan Yamakami... a few names we have seen quite a bit over the past week!

This book was the very first book I looked through from Tara Books. On first glance through the book, I thought the intricate patterns were actually needlework art and couldn't believe it when I figured out that they were paintings and drawings. Incredible is the only word to describe it. Through this book, I learned so much about Gond tribal art, such as each artist featured in this book has created their own unique and distinctive design that have particular meanings. The designs are so distinctive that you once you are familiar with an artists' work, you can tell their art apart from others just based on the design. That's why this book is called Signature, since the main focus of the book is the intricate designs in each of the images. And that is essentially what each of the designs are to the artist - a signature.

This book is put together so well and beautifully. I love that the entire image is minimal and the main focus of the book is the design in the art. Sort of similar to pointillism, and yet so much more unique than just dots on a page.

To accompany each image and design, the artist of each image has included what the design or image means to them and how they came up with it. Most of the images seem inspired by sentimental and simple things in their lives as well as other forms of art or crafts like weaving, which could possibly be why I mistook some of the art for some sort of needlepoint at first.

Some of the artists who are featured in the book have been around for a while and are a bit more well-known such as Durga Bai, whose work we saw with The Churki-Burki Book of Rhyme and others, to lesser known emerging teenage artists making their way into the art world.

For any art collector or anyone who is just interested in the world or art in general, this is a definite must-have. It's another new release from Tara Books and you will be kicking yourself if you miss out on it. Hop on over to the site and check it out. I would like to thank Tara Books SO much for introducing me to their amazing artists and works. Make sure you visit the site because they don't just sell books, but stationery, art prints and cards as well. The cards are all handmade and the stationery journals called Flukebooks, are a completely unique art experience of their own. Seriously, each journal is completely unique and there is not another one like it anywhere in the world... and they are all VERY reasonably priced, so please... support a completely worthy art cause and visit them right now. Tara Books... you are amazing.


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