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Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Like Cats

Tara Books week is almost over (oh no!), but do not fret! Today and tomorrow's features are on a couple of incredible and amazing books, not any more or less incredible than the previous book features, but pretty incredible nonetheless! There are a whole buttload of artists involved with today's book I Love Cats, which I absolutely adored, being a huge cat lover. This title is also a new release from the fabulous Tara Books, so be sure to check it out once you've read about how much I loved this book (plus the book comes with a silkscreen print!)

Just to cover the fabulous artists that are featured in this book, there is; Swarna Chitrakar, Bhajju Shyam, Durga Bai, Putli Ganju, Chelia Hamir, Balu Ladkya Domada, Radhashyam Raut, Mayank Shyam, Ramesh Hengadi, Man Singh Vyam, Kalaba Shyam, Eknath Gangavana, Anand Shyam, Moyna and Joydeb Chitrakar, Roshani Vyam, and Avinash Veeraraghavan. Also, a bunch of the artists are listed as unknown, so as much as I wish I could list everyone involved, some of the beautiful illustrations remain mystery artists. If you've been following this weeks features, you may recognize some of the artists names from a couple of the other books.

Anyways, this book is basically a collective of amazing cat art with words that could be associated with how the cats look in the images, which you can see in the sample pieces at the end of this review. The drawings vary from simple cats with teeny tiny intricate designs in them to thick lined abstract cats. Each artist brings their own interpretation of cats to the page... silly, serious, fierce, ferocious, fun, beautiful... all words that I could use to describe some of the cats found in this book. All of the cats are different too, not just your average housecat... there's all sorts of fierce wild puddytats drawn in this book too.

The art in this book has been put together so well and the book overall has been designed fantastically to bring you a great piece of art and literature. I know that this book has a special place in my heart already and I consider it one of the most amazing pieces of art that I own in my home. This book is a great addition to any collection, whether you want it for a kids book, a personal fun book, or a really nice coffee table book for people to look through when they visit.

Bravo to the brilliant artists in this book for making me smile with their beautifully drawn cats.


  1. Oh, wow. This looks like a stunning book. I had not heard about this until now - thank you for sharing!

  2. The guy red it just yesterday

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