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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fan Expo 2010 - Adam Gorham

Hey everyone! About a week late, but the last weekend of August was Canada's very own equivalent to Comic Con - Fan Expo 2010. A clusterf*ck of the nerdiest, artsiest, most awesome people around. Way over it's capacity, the show was left with a line up of people around Toronto's streets Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We walked around the show taking photos of this and that and talking to awesome artists to showcase to you! We've already done a feature on this guy - the talented Mr Adam Gorham, but upon his comic book release of Teuton, we thought that we would re-feature him and his latest piece of awesome to hit the streets.

The first image featured is the cover of Teuton and the second and third are a couple of pages of the comic minus the story. It is seriously awesome and I highly recommend it. Here are some photos from the show with Adam and his comic and such!

Meet the real life inspiration for the guy getting stabbed in this panel. Meet Adam Gorham on the left and the stabbed in the armpit guy Mr Doug Broadley! Like Hellraiser's Doug Bradley (who was also at FanExpo), but cooler and less famous. Awwwesome! Below is Adam sketching away for a friend of ours... this kid never stops drawing... DC - you had better claim this kid as your own soon!

Adam with his shirt on and his lovely lady Teshley (although I shouldn't be giving out the real name of a superhero like Ms Marvel). She showed up all dressed up to help support the launch of Teuton and if you were lucky enough to be at FanExpo on Friday, you would've met Ms Marvel and their lovely little baby Rosalind dressed up as Wonder Woman! This is one awesome, kick-ass family!

If you're interested in buying his FANTASTIC comic, you can contact him through his deviantART page or on his facebook, where he can give you all the information you need!

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