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Monday, May 17, 2010

Neverending Story Project

Well hello there my friends! Since this is a site for artists and art appreciators everywhere, I wanted to take the time to tell you all about a new project I have going on that I would absolutely LOVE for you all to get involved in.

Myself and a friend of mine named Amy have started the Neverending Story Project, or as you can see above in the banner... the NeS Project. The project is a writing project designed to show you the fun of story telling. Basically in a nutshell this is the project: three page short stories with each page written by a different author and all of it done through the mail. Once a story has been completed, we post them online with the authors and you can discuss the work.

Once the project gets going, we will have lots of incentives including things like the Story of the Month and for illustrators out there, we would absolutely LOVE to open this up to you. What do I mean? Well we would like for you to read over the stories and take a shot at bringing the stories to life! If your art is chosen, we will add your art to the displayed stories and credit you alongside the authors. Awesome, right? We think so!

We need more followers, so if you check out this blog and read what I have to say... check out the Neverending Story Project as well! If you like what you see, follow us and participate! You do NOT need to be a professional writer... it's all for fun! You can do any genre of story... and when you get someone else's story page... don't be afraid to change up the style and give it your very own flare!

Questions? Ask away here or visit the site, comment, or email us! I really hope to see you all over at the site and hopefully here from you via snail mail!


  1. What a brilliant idea!! How do I get started? I have one person in mind who I would love to write a story with but I'm not sure who the third writer will be, must it absolutely be three writers?

  2. Scratch that, saw the rules on the website. That's a nice idea too. I hope I can get my creative juices flowing!! :)

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