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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Self Portrait Contest Winners

Hey everyone! This was a great experience for me, interacting with all of you to bring you this fun and amazing contest! I've learned so much... for instance... making people log in to vote! Ah! Well regardless of that, we've deliberated and come up with the winners of the contest! Once the winners have been posted, we will go back to properly running Art Libs and putting up regular features and such. Sorry for all those who come by to check on the features!

Basically, you can find all the prizing and such on deviantART here, but I will just post the winners images here!

1st Place: Donguri7 on deviantART

2nd Place: DonCaballero on deviantART

3rd Place: BGAgraphix on deviantART

People's Choice Award: bleedingtiara on deviantART

I also want to do a quick honourable mentions to one particular artist who stood out to me in the final decisions for the contest winners. deruku's 'Me, and a Cupcake' piece was an excellent addition to the contest, when I was checking around the galleries of the entrants to the contest, she had a process listed on her blog about how she got to the final piece, including photos until she ended up there. I know I wasn't able to award a prize to her, but this is what art is all about, learning and evolving, and I wanted to make sure you checked out some more of her art too and watched out for her in the future!


  1. Damn, why didn't I notice number 1 and 3 before? Can I change my vote? LOL.

  2. congrats to all the winners!