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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Discussion Time!! - What IS Art?

As you may have noticed (or not), I've been kind of behind with the blog for the past couple of days. If you also recall, I was asking all of you lovely readers for your advice last week! I had some fabulous suggestions and I'm working on making them a reality. We are coming up on Art Libs' one year anniversary and I would really love to take this blog up a notch! I want YOU involvement! Over the next couple of days, I'm hoping to unveil a new layout, and a lot of new material for you to read... not JUST features (although, I promise you I will never lose sight of this absolute fact: the artists and the art will ALWAYS come first!).

With that being said, one of the things I want to start is a discussion post. At least once a week I want to have a post where all of you input what you think! Where you can feel free to post WHATEVER you want (save a few ground rules which include; be respectful to other artists and readers posting THEIR thoughts. Absolutely NO harassment of anyone who posts something you may disagree with... healthy debates welcome... bullying is not.).

The first topic I want to cover is a very simple question that I KNOW we have all thought about at one time or another: What IS art to you? What defines an artist and their work. Is it restricted to something on canvas or film? Do you think abstract is true art?

Please comment and leave your thoughts! I'm going to leave this post up for a couple of days while I tweak a couple of things with the site. Anyone who I have asked to be on the site: do not fret! I promise I will still put up your work, just bear with me while I work out where Art Libs is going! Post, comment, discuss and be merry!


  1. I thought I would kick things off here. These things define art for me:

    -anything that you can see that someone has put their heart and soul into.
    -people who find beauty in the strange and make the rest of the world see what they see.

    Now this last bit is something that I've been thinking about a lot... Graffiti artists. Many people consider their work to be criminal and I just have one sentence to sum up how I feel about that: Vandalism is criminal but graffiti is art.

  2. A piece of art should have a thought behind it and a conscious design to evoke an emotional resonance in the spectator.

    In my eyes there are two sides of the word "art", two contextual meanings. One is what you feel personally and the other is what the general consensus consider is art. Picasso is generally considered to be art. The Video Game ICO isn't, yet I'll be damned if ICO hasn't resonated with me as Picasso did when I saw Guernica in real life for the first time...

    I think there's a fallacy in confusing art with "originality", which I see so many do.

  3. An autistic's way of expressing himself/herself.