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Monday, February 22, 2010

Self-Portrait Contest

A CONTEST! A CONTEST! Hoorah! Basically, it's just what the title says. I want to see YOU! Not just any picture of you though, I want to see what YOU see when you look in the mirror (not necessarily literally what you see). What makes you who you are, who you want to be. What embodies you and your life?!

Simple? Yes, yes it is. This contest is open to ANY visual medium (basically anything except literature... sorry!); photography, drawing, digital art, vectors etc. You can make your portrait abstract/open to interpretation or you can make it a bang on duplicate of you. For photographers, I want to see something with depth in it, not just a photo you took of yourself for Facebook or MySpace or whatever. You can add backgrounds, use other elements to help convey you, or whatever. Be original and creative. Each entry should have a brief description of what your portrait is all about, but don't go into too much detail!

DEADLINE: The deadline as of right now is going to be April 10th! Now that seems like a long ways away, but hat gives you LOOOOOTS of time to come up with some amazing self-portraits and for my prizing to gather for all you lovelies!

PRIZES: (Prizes are still being added and confirmed, so if this doesn't look appealing, keep checking back for more and more updates!)

1st Place
  • A one month subscription to deviantART from snowmask
  • A three month subscription to deviantART from feetpeet
  • A commission from adamhunterpeck
  • A dA keychain from PurpelBlur
  • A MONTH long feature on Art Libs! With the features on Art Libs, the feature will never go away, but there will be a link in our main toolbar to YOUR work. You will get DOUBLE the amount of images normally featured, PLUS your self-portrait.

2nd Place

3rd Place

  • A request from gingerkellystudio (she will create a new work based on your idea, then you will receive a large digital copy so they print a copy of the artwork for yourself)
  • A one month dA subscription from PurpelBlur

All 3 winners:


I really want to emphasize that you do NOT need a deviantART account to enter this contest! If you are interested in participating, I know a lot of the prizes are deviantART related (I'm working on adding some more non-deviantART related prizes!), but if you enter, you will get an Art Libs FEATURE, and again, I will do my best to work on other non-devianART related prizes.

Moving on though... to submit your entry... if you DO have a deviantART account, feel free to send me your entries in a note to my account (my username is littlestar) or you can send them directly to my email at In your note or email you should include the following things:

1) Your full name (and deviantART username if applicable)
2) Your blog/web site (if applicable)
3) A brief description of what the piece is... what the different elements mean, your process etc.
4) The image (if through deviantART, please make sure to attach a thumbnail or a direct link)

ANNNNND I think that is just about it! Best of luck to everyone entering! I am REALLY excited to see what you come up with! If you have any questions, leave me a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

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