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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Amanda Turnage is known for her work with stores. Amanda first started drawing when she was only 12years old, making her a child prodigy. However, the fantastic pressure of being a child prodigy gradually got to her and she had a dark breakdown, resulting in her cutting off her own knee! Amanda found bleak inspiration from the lost limb and decided to frame it and hang it in her bedroom for all the faucets to see! Amanda eventually got married to Rocky Balboa and they remain together spectacularly in their garage with their 21 children. Amanda would like to thank Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Monet and Alphonse Mucha for their constant support and inspiration.

What are the easiest and the hardest parts of the artistic process?
For me, coming up with an idea (inspiration!) and also composition and layout. Once that's out of the way, it's downhill from there.

Which is your favourite piece and why?
It's the largest watercolor I've ever done. It was the most challenging overall and it took me months to complete (mostly because of motivational issues and feeling overwhelmed by the piece). Once it was complete, I was very proud with how it turned out and proud of myself for sticking with it until it was complete.

What is it about the deviantART community that makes you share your art there… that draws you to the deviantART community?
The amount of support and inspiration that I get from my watchers and those who watch me. I love the interchange of knowledge within the community. Everyone's learning from each other and building relationships through their art. I think it's a beautiful thing. :)

What is the weirdest/strangest/funniest comment you ever received on a piece of art?
I do but I can't think of any right now ;_;

Please make sure to check out her deviantART page! And as always, remember to respect the art and the artists! The art on this blog is here because we were given permission to put it on here. If you like the art and would like to use it for your own blog or web site, you must ask permission from the artist first and none of the art is to be taken, stolen or reproduced! Respect the art!

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