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Friday, October 23, 2009

Toby Hook

Toby Hook is known for his work with fishes. Toby first started drawing when he was only 4 years old, making him a child prodigy. However, the irritating pressure of being a child prodigy willingly got to him and he had a small breakdown, resulting in him cutting off his own hand! Toby found dank inspiration from the lost limb and decided to frame it and hang it in his dungeon for all the parks to see! Toby eventually got married to Phillipa and they remain together beautifully in their shop with their 23 children. Toby would like to thank Henry VIII, Barack Obama and Michelangelo for their constant support and inspiration.

What are the easiest and the hardest parts of the artistic process?
Probably the hardest part I find is getting the right inspiration or idea
for a piece, I always have a lot of ideas but I always find that I want to
try out different styles / techniques to my work, mainly just to test

Easy parts? Probably starting a piece when you have the idea fresh in your
mind, the drawing, sketching, colouring side of things. I also love getting
towards the "finish line" of a piece, adding the little details and all

Which is your favourite piece and why?
My favourite piece is pretty much always the most recent one I've completed.
In fact I waited to get this interview back cause I wanted to include the
"Gay For Johnny Depp / Blakfish" poster. Really proud of that one. I spent a
lot of time researching imagery in relation to the references of the gig.
i.e. "Triple Threat" tour, "Johnny Depp," "Blakfish - Champions" album, and
then the idea of using a "lucha libre" wrestling poster seemed to fit. I
spent hours and a couple late nights hand-drawing the text + illustrations
and then it all came together. Saying all that though, I probably won't like
it in a week.

What do you feel is the significance of online communities to inspiring

I think they're important to pretty much everyone right from kids starting
out to full-time massive designers. You'll probably find most top artists
were involved in DeviantArt / Gigposters / Behance, etc at one stage or
another. They are great way to show off your work, as well as receive
"critiques" - I always check these sites regularly as they are great sources
of inspiration.

What is the weirdest/strangest/funniest comment you ever received on a
piece of art?

I can't think of any weird or strange comments which is odd since I know a
few weird and strange people. I did find it funny when you asked me to do
this interview as it's the first one I've ever been asked to do. That's all
I've got.

Please make sure to check out his web site! And as always, remember to respect the art and the artists! The art on this blog is here because we were given permission to put it on here. If you like the art and would like to use it for your own blog or web site, you must ask permission from the artist first and none of the art is to be taken, stolen or reproduced! Respect the art!


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    art overwhelms me. nice blog.