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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Once upon a pony in a far away land called dandelion, there lived a small car named Ririko. Her nail polish was so rancid that all the panties of the land were all very jealous. Not only was Ririko wide, but also she was also very gifted. Ririko could draw like no other person could. Some said that she was a door and that her gifts were really sweaty. One day a cold aunt became so surprisingly strange that they decided to curse them with a spell of osteoporosis, which would cause Ririko great highness. The only way for Ririko to break the spell was to run on one foot, while juggling carpets, and drinking a potion containing physalis, desert fox and legs. And all would be happy unless it was sealed with a failure from her one true love, Cleopatra. Ririko made a cute recovery and married Cleopatra and they had 14 children and lived amazingly ever after.

What are the easiest and the hardest parts of the artistic process?
Oh my, I guess this answer will be different depending on the artist you are asking.

For me personally the hardest process of creating a picture are the sketches, especially anatomy and dynamic of the picture as well as finding a matching background.
I'm ALWAYS impatient while Im doing that part so my linearts are really messy most of the time and I often have the feeling that it was a mistake not being patient and trying to sketch clear for doing better in the outline part.

A very important part of creating a picture is also the colour medium you should choose BEFORE drawing the outlines, because you simply cant draw with watercolour on copic paper or on ink linearts. The wrong decision here ruins your whole picture, so I'd say, its one of the hardest parts too.

The easiest part for me is defenitely the colouring itself. I simply begin to colour the base parts of the picture, and for sure my absolute favourite in colouring is setting the (in my case maaaa~ny) light effects and details in the colour like shadows and shades etc.
Well, thats why many of my pics have detailed light and shadow effects - I'm playing around with them and I love it :)

Which is your favourite piece and why?
Mhm. I personally structure my pictures in different categories, especially depending the format I'm darwing on because huge pictures I spent more time on and Im satisfied after like 20 hours mean much more to me then small ones which I drew in about 3 to 4 hours.

So I can't really say what's my favourite piece out of all, but I could say which actually is my favourite watercolour drawing (these are the ones I spent the most time on) or my favourite ACEO card (on these I spent less time because of their small trading card size).

Of course, in about 1 month I guess I will have new pieces I really love, but at the moment concerning my ACEOs my favourite piece is "The Marshmallow Murder Case" because the colours simply turned out well and I did a clean lineart one time.

Regarding my watercolour ones, it is very difficult for me to say at the moment because they are quite different but I guess "Mein Herz tanzt..." and "Aishiteru" are my favourite ones.
why "Mein Herz tanzt..."? Because I spent over 20 hours with trying 3 different colour styles and finally ended satisfied with watercolour. Plus the anatomy and dynamic on this picture are in my opinion well done in comparison to my other pictures.
And why "Aishiteru"? Because I randomly splashed colour and hankerchiefs on it and it simply was pure fun for me to draw that picture.

What is it about the deviantART community that makes you share your art there… that draws you to the deviantART community?
The answer why I chose DeviantArt to publish my pictures is that I am able to reach maaa~ny people with my art there AND I may get really helpful critiques because of masses of people who are real geniuses concerning art.

An other reason is that I love to discover great artists by randomly klicking through the profiles on DA. All their amazing pictures I'm able to look at are an inspiration and incentives for me to go on, try new things out and to start getting better in what I'm doing.

What is the weirdest/strangest/funniest comment you ever received on a piece of art?
Once a person on a german art site commented one of my ACEO cards on which I drew a pink donut. She/he was asking if the round thing on there would be a pink car tire, and that she/he would defenitely buy some for her/his car if my design would make a breakthrough XD...
Well. Yeah. °_____°*

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