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Thursday, August 20, 2009


Once upon a pen in a far away land called Line, there lived a wobbly ink named Joumana. Her obsession was so alert that all the swords of the land were all very jealous. Not only was Joumana challenging, but she was also very gifted. Joumana could draw like no other person could. Some said that she was just a spear and that her gifts were really wicked. One day an exciting creative became so effortlessly hopeful that they decided to curse Joumana with a spell of mononucleosis, which would cause Joumana great non-fun. The only way for Joumana to break the spell was to step on one foot, while juggling stance, and drinking a potion containing anemones, tigers and a hand. And all would be open unless it was sealed with tea from her one true loveJet Li. Joumana made a cozy recovery and married Jet Li, they had 8 children and lived heartfully ever after.

What are the easiest and the hardest parts of the artistic process?
I believe the inspiration is both the easiest and the hardest part. When it's flowing, it's completely effortless, you're just downloading ideas, so to speak. When that channel's not open, it's really really hard to find an idea or figure out how to make something work.

Which is your favourite piece and why?
Almost impossible to choose given the variety of my work, but since I've had my icon set 'Mini Fu Reloaded' up as featured piece for over a year, there's a case for it.
I can't get tired of these lil guys (I'm obsessed with Wushu and Taijiquan, which I've been practicing for 8 years now) and I believe I've really hit on something with this style, as it's very tight and appealing, and its application opened infinite possibilities for me – other than expanding this set, I want to apply it to cultural themes, for instance. There's also the fact they've been hugely popular since their first and much awkward incarnation back in 2001. Clearly it was a moment of particularly fine inspiration!

What is it about the deviantART community that makes you share your art there… that draws you to the deviantART community?
The user interaction is excellent, better than on any other site I know. It doesn't only make it easy for people to communicate with you when you post something, but also among each other like in real life – much richer than sites where communication is almost entirely between poster and viewer. Also, it being so huge and diverse means there are many small comunities in one and you can easily navigate from one to the other and make them cross-pollinate. My creative interests are very varied and it's really awesome to be able to browse and post everything in the same place.

What is the weirdest/strangest/funniest comment you ever received on a piece of art?
I've received many really odd comments, but the one that comes to mind was not on dA but in real life: as I rode an elevator carrying some sketches, a lady who was in there with me took a look at them and asked, "Are you a kindergarten teacher?" O_o

Please make sure to check out her deviantART page! And as always, remember to respect the art and the artists! The art on this blog is here because we were given permission to put it on here. If you like the art and would like to use it for your own blog or web site, you must ask permission from the artist first and none of the art is to be taken, stolen or reproduced! Respect the art!

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