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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Billy Tackett

Billy Tackett is known for his work with Winnebagos. Billy first started painting when he was only 333 years old, making him a child prodigy. However, the sexy pressure of being a child prodigy extremely got to him and he had a drunken breakdown, resulting in him cutting off his own spleen! Billy found fleshy inspiration from the lost limb and decided to frame it and hang it in his romper room for all the tombs to see! Billy eventually got married to fur and they remain together immediately in their mortuary with their 7 children. Billy would like to thank Plato, Cher and the lemurs for their constant support and inspiration.

What are the easiest and the hardest parts of the artistic process?
Coming up with a good idea. The next hardest part would be taking what you think is a good idea and doing in a way that will be interesting to the viewer. I've always said that art is 50% talent and 50% creativity. Most don't realize but there is a difference. Anyone can learn the techniques and rules of painting but if the creative vision isn't there the art will be mediocre at best.

Which is your favourite piece and why?
That's a tough one! I try to look at it like this: My favorite piece is always the one I'm working on at the moment. That one will be the one that will be so good that all other artists, myself included, will put down their brushes forever because all others afterwards will pale in comparison! But, once I'm done I look at that piece as practice for the next one. I go over it and see what worked, what didn't and why. This keeps me in the learning mode, helps me keep my art evolving for the better.

What is it about the deviantART community that makes you share your art there… that draws you to the deviantART community?
Friends. Before dA it was hard for me to find peers. Artists whose work I admired who admired my work as well. Artists that were willing to share tips and tricks and were asking me for the same. The sense of community is great. I hear people complain about the drama that goes on there but I have never had any problems. Everyone I have connected with have been respectful, kind and very helpful.

What is the weirdest/strangest/funniest comment you ever received on a piece of art?
On my Bombshell Zombie (Marilyn Monroe) someone commented "I'd still hit it!" The even weirder thing is that I've had a couple guys at conventions tell me the same thing!

Please make sure to check out his deviantART page and his web site! And as always, remember to respect the art and the artists! The art on this blog is here because we were given permission to put it on here. If you like the art and would like to use it for your own blog or web site, you must ask permission from the artist first and none of the art is to be taken, stolen or reproduced! Respect the art!

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